AmigaOS4.1 Final Editon with Update2 & FIX or CD

aPP AmigaOS4.1 Final Editon with Update2 & FIX or CD

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AmigaOS 4.1FE Update2+fix VHD

- Added Locale & Keymaps
- Added Menu
- Added Work Drawer
-> Tools, Internet, GFX
-> f.e ImageFX4.5, IBrowse4.4cr, Pagestream4 etc....

OWB needs update...

To go online: Just enable bsdsocket.library (FS/WinUAE)
(nix Einwahl/no dial-up necessary/non è necessario il dial-up/aucune connexion téléphonique n'est nécessaire)

Since the upload once again does not work, then just about a link...

SIZE: 340 MB
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AOS4.1 Final Edition Update2 VHD

Tested with WinUAE & FS-UAE

No problem to update this one...

BootLoader COMMANDLINE=NORAMPAGER is set for more RAM