Coffin r56 HDF file for UAE (OS3.9)

aPP Coffin r56 HDF file for UAE (OS3.9)

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Coffin r56 HDF file for UAE

Without Pictures fe. Umbuntu & mobile, mp3 (nothing special), Games (whdload), video ...
You can this download this stuff everywhere...

To use with 68060 (cyberppc) or 68040 - i only added a library


You can use the System One config but with kick 3.1

Download the link file (120kb)

Download size: 2.2GB

And for all vampire/coffin haters - there is no special stuff only WB3.1 (3.9?) and some nice icons...

Coffin r56 using FS-UAE with a MAC...

If you wanted to test the coffin r56 image, you will need:

1. The image...
2. Write the image to a 32GB usb stick. (f.e PiBaker or win32diskimager for MAC/Win)
3. Open the Terminal if you have written the img file to the stick: (click ignore if the mac ask about the disk)
4. Type diskutil list (list all disk devices)
5. Look for the 32GB stick (f.e disk2)
6. Type: sudo chmod a+rw /dev/disk2 ( to enable read & write)
7. You will need your password for this operation…
8. Start FS-UAE
9. Settings: CPU 68040, Mem=what you want, ROM=3.1, GFX=UAEGFXZ3
10. Save the Config
11. Open the new Config with the Editor
12. Insert the lines:

hard_drive_0 = /dev/disk2
hard_drive_0_type = rdb

13. Save the file
14. Click again on your Config to update the new config (FS-UAE)
15. Goto drives and check if the drive is listed as disk2 (/dev) (or what ever you get with diskutil list)
16. Start the emulation…

The image will work with the 68040 only!
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