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Info: Rename .lha to .7z (coz it is a 7z file...) size: 235MB

This is the Work hdf it is MAC and PC formated!

Use the Kickstart from the OS ONE part archive.
It is a special Kickstart with icon.lib 52.x to fix the errors of the new intuition library!
Or download one from this site...

The Amiga partition is a best of anything, it is not Afa, BestWB, etc.
I made this in one month after i gave FS-UAE a try...
I sold my Amigas 1990 and using PCs amd MACs for work and office...
I am using my old MAC-Laptop (DualCore with 2Ghz) for it...

For the Emulation i use A4000 with CyberPPC settings (f.e. same as for OS4)
8MB Chip - 64MB Onboard RAM - 512MB ZorroIII RAM - 128MB for GFX and Turboboard
For MACOSX use FS-UAE 2.9.7 - it is faster than Version 3!
Enable JIT!!!!!

FS-UAE Example:

accelerator = cyberstorm-ppc
accelerator_memory = 131072
accelerator_rom = cyberstormppc_44.71.rom
amiga_model = A4000/OS4 (try this one: ppc_model = 604e_v2.4 or ppc_model = 604e)
cpu = 68060
fpu = 68060
mmu = 68060
ppc_cpu_idle = max
bsdsocket_library = 1 **** activate socket for internet. no need for Miami,AmiTCO etc...
cdrom_drive_count = 1
chip_memory = 8192
cpuboard_rom_file = /Users/blabla/FS-UAE/Kickstarts/cyberstormppc_44.71.rom
floppy_drive_count = 4
floppy_drive_speed = 800
floppy_drive_volume_empty = 0
fullscreen_mode = fullscreen **** for full screen
gfx_card_flash_file = /Users/blabla/FS-UAE/Kickstarts/picasso_iv_flash.rom **** path for picasso rom - not needed for OS3
graphics_card = uaegfx-z3
graphics_memory = 131072
hard_drive_0 = /Volumes/blabla/blabla/Hardfiles/AOS3.1.4.vhd **** path for HDF or VDF
hard_drive_0_type = rdb
hard_drive_1 = /Volumes/blabla/blabla/Hardfiles/Work.vhd **** path for HDF or VDF
jit_compiler = 1
joystick_port_1_mode = nothing
kickstart_file = /Users/blabla/Rom/kick4000d_mat **** path for Amiga ROM
motherboard_ram = 65536
sound_card = toccata
uae_a2065 = slirp_inbound
uae_sana2 = true
video_sync = full **** for full screen
zorro_iii_memory = 524288
uaem_write_flags = 0 *** do not create hidden uaem files on Amiga "Directory partitions"

You can enable WarpUp, it is not really faster but it makes the system unstable...

Ach ja, es ist nichts für Nerd-Pussies.....

System (Amiga):


- AmiTCP
- ASMOne
- DiskSalv
- Emplant Lite
- HoolyWood 1.9
- HollyWood Designer
- Fusion
- iFusion
- PC-Task4.4
- ShapeShifter
- Resource 6
- SysInfo 4.3
- TypeSmith
- TsGui
- FMSSys
- Iconian
- and more


- ArtExpression
- MUIbase
- Leu
- Cycas1.78
- DynaCadd
- StarAm Plan
- TurboCalc
- ignition
- FinaCalc
- FinalData
- SuperBase4
- ProCalc
- Twist
- MaxiPlan4


- MUIMapparium
- AmiNetRadio
- AmiSSL
- NetSurf
- RDesktop
- SimpleMail
- AWeb_APL
- IBrowse 2.4r

I use my PC or MACs for internet.
There is no need for AMiTCP etc... Enable the socket emulation on UAE!
For file exchange i use a pc or mac drawer...
For MAC Internet try EasyNet...


- ZoneXplorer
- GrafX2
- Monzoom
- Cinema4d
- CandyFactoryPro
- TVPaint
- Photogenics
- ImageFX4
- arteffect4
- Real3d
- LightWave
- PerfectPaint
- ElasticDreams
- FantasticDreams
- XiPaint
- AdPro2.51r
- PhotoAlbum6.5cr
- Skulpt3d (warp3d)
- AnimWebConverter
- DPaint5
- Gif-Toolkit
- Imagine
- Pixel3D
- SGrab


- playOGG
- Samplemanager
- SymphoniePlayerPro
- SongPlayer
- MidiPlay
- HippoPlayer
- Eagleplayer
- CodeAudio
- AMPlifier
- AmigaAmp


- JanoEditor
- FinalWriter97
- QuickSketch
- PosTED
- Apdf
- EvenMore
- AmigaWriter
- PageStream4
- MaxxonWord
- WordWorth7
- Typeface
- Studio/GoldEd7
- ReEdit

- DirectoryOpus4.17.20

- Full config for adf and dms files
- Some new Filetypes
- Click n Drop for all archives
- DClick a archive to open it and copy the files to any destination
- Mount up to 4 RAD and 4 FMS devices
- you can create more if you want.
Edit the mountlist and the Units inside DEVS...
- Format RAD and FMS devices
- Unmount all RAD and FMS devices
- and more...

And some other Tools:
like Femus etc...

MAC/PC partitions:

- MACOS 8.1: via ShapeShifter

- Photoshop
- Word
- Kays Powergoo
- Windows 3.11 (much faster as PC-Task)
- and more..

- IFusion works sometimes and make the system unstable (WarpOS)
- Very, very very slow..
- Peace of shit.
- I think Jim Drew is the only person who love his stupid software...
- By the way it is very very very very slow if it starts...

- Pool

- You should use this partiton for copy files to and from Amiga f.e with DOPUS..
If the pool filesystem crashed and after 2(!) reboots it is still unvalidated, try to
start Shapeshifter and format under MACOS8.1 the drive with the same name...

- Fusion

- The Emualtor starts, if you hit Continue for f.e. 100 times at the MCP requester..

- PC-Task:

- DOS6.2
- Windows 3.11

- There are two partitions for the pc emulation (540 MB(c) and 240 MB(d)).
You can not mount these partitions with CrossDos!
For filetransfer you sould create a hardfile with PCTask (Limit 254MB).
Load the hardfile as d drive into PCTask and start with the c drive.
Type fdisk and change the partition with number 5 and select partition 2.
Leave fdisk with ESC and the pc reboots.

After reboot type format d: /S
When finished, quit PC-Task.
On the Amiga side goto the system drawer and open the CrossDos drawer
open ConfigDisk select File as Disk and your hardfile...
You can write and delete files/drawers with DoPus...

If you want to create Windows 95/98 (very slow) you should download
a vhd file (VirtualBox) and mount this file (f.e Paragon VMDK mounter),
than create a new ISO from the drawer and mount the ISO with UAE...

- To start the emulation as screen on the Workbench change all GFX modes
from Screen to Window (PC-Task)

MAC Roms Games etc: https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/macintosh-rom-archive
MAC Appz: https://www.macintoshrepository.org/
Some other stuff: https://the-eye.eu/public/

Without the system (Part TWO) maybe it is difficult to mount the MAC drives...

More fun to Compute!

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