Keith demoed an AmigaOne A1222


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Jan 9, 2017
Keith Dumoulin demoed an AmigaOne A1222 pre-release system, supplied by AmigaKit, at the WOC Show in Toronto on December 2nd. He set up and installed the system himself. It was the first ever public demonstration in Canada and we asked Keith for comments about his first taste of the A1222 in action. This is a selection of his comments:

>wow nice, it's mint very clean<
>I am so smitten with this little board it's so cute<
>feels snappy<
>I have a clone of my X5000 to do comparison side by side<
>I have had it on 24x7<
>I am having too much fun with it<
>I got every ADF file loading now in UAE<

.........and about his actual presentation?
>the little A1222 didn't disappoint, ran flawless<
>I hope Matt is not in a hurry for this back lol<